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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 15, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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berkeley. >> we have developing news from san jose. our news crew is heading to a gas leak right outside an apartment complex. >> plus 19 hours left until a california budget meltdown. how the lawmakers could pay the price if a deal isn't made in time. good morning, to you and it's friday, it's june 15th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. let's start with the weather and steve paulson. >> pam cook. >> looking sharp on this friday. >> thank you very much. warmer. still have fog to deal with. mainly san mateo coast, santa cruz coastline. once that burns off sunshine and warmer temps. we are still waiting for that north wind. all signs point toward 60s and 70s and 80s coast and bay. now an update on your traffic with sal. southbound 101 traffic
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looks good. we have word on the east shore freeway a car has run into a power pole. i just want to mention that. we will take a look at that soon. and the morning commute in san francisco looks good. 5:00 let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. we have bart engineers that were out this morning inspecting the tracks to make sure there are no problems caused by that fire that disrupted service yesterday as we all know between the east bay and san francisco. kara lou is at the east bart station. good morning, kara. >> reporter: good morning. sure was as you said the epicenter of the meltdown yesterday. as you take a look around here at the west oakland bart station and you look up past all the fire damage. we have seen a few trains head into the city and that should be music to so many commuters. workers inspected the tracks in the wee hours of the morning
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here. this was the area that was damaged by the fire. now of course just a day ago bart service between san francisco and oakland was shut down all morning long making an absolute mess of the morning commute for just about anyone trying to get across the bay. service did resume before 4:00 yesterday afternoon. and this morning we are told it should be business as usual. >> it will be spending a good part of today looking at what went right and what went wrong yesterday and trying to make sure we improve for the next disaster and next crisis we face. we live in earthquake country and fires happen. >> reporter: officials say they will certainly be looking at how quickly they notify other transportation partners and get everyone on the same page. meanwhile investigators are looking for three people seen near the west oakland construction site moments before it turned into a raging inferno yesterday morning. the fire burned down a senior comet plex that was -- complex
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that was under fire. it burned so hot it damaged the third rail. but again this morning we have seen train service back running. back to normal and that should be music to the ears of so many commuters. you can see a train going right now and hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out. cara liu ktvu channel 2 news. oakland fire investigators are serging for a cause of a house fire. that started at 11:00. now firefighters had to break into the house which was boarded up at the time. they had the fire out in a half hour and no one was hurt. 5:03. a child playing with a candle may have caused a house fire in antioch. it started at 6:30 yesterday evening. one person had to be treated for smoke inhalation and the flames caused a lot of damage. investigators haven't released the cause of the fire.
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but the homeowner says her son was playing with a candle while she was asleep. a pizza kitchen restaurant is closed indefinitely because of a norovirus outbreak. they were notified by the closure by two employees. one worker and several customers have gotten sick. it's a virus that can be transmitted through food or person to person contact. a suspected car thief is facing charges after it ended in gunfire. they spotted the stolen car in oakley and tried to stop the driver but he took off. the chase eed in vallejo. officers say the man tried to ram them with his car so they opened fire. the suspect was not shot but was injured by flying debris. 5:04. a man wanted in connection with a stabbing in campbell is in
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jail. he was arrested yesterday in long beach. he's accused of stabbing and injuring a man on saturday night. he now faces attempted murder charges. that stabbing victim is expected to recover. the clock is ticking towards tonight midnight state budget deadline in sacramento. california lawmakers will return to the state capitol at 11:00 this morning to try top meet the deadline and avoid getting their paychecks docked. the court reports control the state legislature by. but there are big differences in the lastmen effort to close that gap. california has a budget deficit of almost $16 billion. democrats and the governors are at odds at $1.2 billion in cuts to cal works. california voters will play a major role in tackling the budget crisis. we will vote on the governors income and sales tax plan in
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november. 5:05. it doesn't emphasize job cuts or program cuts. it includes a $2.2 billion general fund that helps pay for social services. a few hundred new jobs will be added but some others will be eliminated. and time is running out for congress to pass a new transportation bill. the negotiate between the house and senate are falling apart. transit systems could be effected by this. coming up in a live report at 5:15 we will tell you the sticking points that congress is trying to work through. right now 5:06. we want to tell you how traffic looks this morning so far. let's check in with sal. >> not that bad, pam and dave. there is a ten minute delay from daly city. just because of minor track issues. has nothing to do with the track in oakland i'm told.
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and it's just a minor delay. let's go out to the live pictures. there is a car that has run into a power pole. it's on the shoulder but may be effecting people in the areas power especially after they have to get that car out of the way. we'll see what happen there is. and this mornings commute is effected by road work. you can see on 880 it's being narrowed down to a couple lanes approaching high street. we are assuming this will be gone before 6:00. it is causing a little bit of a slow down right now. and this mornings drive is looking pretty good on the peninsula. if you are making your way out to the open limpic club for round two, things are going as normal. you can take bart to the cull my station and from there there is a free shuttle. we do have some fog. a little system moving through
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producing a few high clouds. the -- temperatures starting to bump up especially inland. the inland forecast is heating up. it will be a quick warmup. we will get friday and saturday and looks like it will start to cool down by sunday. everything points toward fog coming back in a big way. a westerly breeze still in place. nothing showing north wind. 50s on the temps. kind of a cooler air mass. running a couple degrees cooler than yesterday. you can see that system build in right there. that will take care of the fog and temperatures will warm up. sunny and warmer after patchy fog, breezy. that northerly breeze should kick in by this afternoon. should take us right into tonight and saturday. fog starting on the u.s. open. i think it's gone by noon.
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66 for a high. should be a beautiful day. 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s. upper 80s and low to mid 90s for some. pleasanton at 90 degrees. we'll go 89 morgan hill to 84 san jose. cupertino at 85. 60s and 70s closer to the coast and san francisco. windy and warmer. hot sat. cool down starts on the coast. time now 5:09. the president joins the gay pride celebration. today's event that is being called the latest attempt to level the playing field. >> bay area sailors trip around the world comes to an abrupt end. >> good morning, southbound 101 traffic looks good heading down to central san rafael. hello?
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take a step forward... and chase what matters. welcome back. we have news from san jose. emergency crews have rushed to a gas leak at an apartment complex. lorraine blanco joins us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. you can see pg&e crews behind me right now. they are working to turn off a gas line in the ground in front of the town homes. you can see where there is cracks in the wall in that building. that is where apparently a vehicle hit a handful of meters
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at this complex around 1:30 this morning. seven units had to be evacuated as crews dug into the ground and repaired the leak. pg&e was able to cap off the leak close to about a quarter after 4:00 a.m. this morning. authorities say there are no injuries but it looks like if you take a look at the second floor there that people on the top floor of that building are back in. i just talked to the pg&e crew over there. they told me they are not sure whether people on the bottom of that building can get back in yet. we are working on getting more information to you. for now, as you can see they are repairing that gas line down there. they're trying to turn off the gas line sorry i should say. they repaired it a little while ago. they are trying to turn it off to make sure it's safe out here. reporting life in san jose lorraine blanco. 5:13. we have new video and new information to tell you about. the rescue of a sailor with bay
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area ties. it happened off the mexican coast. max young is a former antioch schoolteacher. spent the last 12 years sailing around the world. his trip abruptly ended 900- miles from his final port when a whale smashed a hole in his boat. the coast guard rescued him. >> he saw some whales and he was whale watching essentially. noticed there were several of them and that one reached the surface right at the front of his boat and he lost his rutter and propeller and he was taking on water. >> the u.s. coast guard gave us this video. the coast guard station in alameda played a role in that rescue. congress appears deadlocked to play a role in roads and bridges. important deadline approaches. scott. >> reporter: congressional negotiators have two weeks left to pass this new federal
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transportation bill or federal money for many local projects evaporates. it could stall $23 billion worth of projects in california according to cal tran. and new reports negotiations between the house and senate are simply disintegrating. the sticking point whether to approve money to construct this keystone pipeline. this controversial oil pipeline into canada and approve new offshore oil drilling to raise the money needed to pay for new roads and transit systems nation-wide. >> they can't expand to meet the increasing demand of riders. number one. and number two they can't keep up with the simple maintenance that needs to happen. >> >> reporter: the dispout -- dispute how to pay for this. senator barbara boxer one of the lead negotiators reaction from her when we rejoin you in a few minutes.
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scott mcfarland. president obama is showing more support for members of the gay community. later today the president will host a reception at the white house in honor of gay pride month. his administration says it's another attempt to level the playing field for lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender people. after the reception the first family will leave for chicago. mitt romney will be spending the day in new hampshire. part of his every day -- every town counts tour. the six state tour will be by bus and expected to last five days. our time 5:16. new information from the federal government shows california school children have been served millions of pounds of ground beef that contain pink slime. that is a name given to an additive that is included in ground beef. it's from bits of meat left over from the butchering
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process. federal officials say that meat is safe. california is one of several states that has opted out of accepting meats with pink slime. the latest test scores are paying improvement among bay area schools. they have released the academic performance index. more than 60% of santa clara county schools either met or exceeded the states achievement goals. 25 county schools ranked in the states top 10%. san mateo county had five of the schools. 73% of san francisco public schools maintained or improved their rankings. however, the school district is probably more most happy there are fewer poor performing schools. in 2010 there were 14 schools that received the lowest possible rankings. there are only nine last year. in the meantime the number of oakland schools getting the highest rating increationed
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from -- increased from 4-7. we want to go back to sal and check on traffic. any problems? >> we've had a few but they have gone away which has been nice. let's go outside and take a look at the east shore freeway. there was a car on the shoulder that reason into a power pole. fortunate it wasn't as major as we thought it was. that is west 80 near university. westbound bay bridge that traffic looks nice at the toll plaza. people are asking me if it will be another bad day today. well, bart is running as normal. it should be a typical friday. that's what we hope for. looking at the excite on the -- looking at the commute on the peninsula traffic looks good.
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>> we do have signs that things are starting to turn a little bit. there is still fog san mateo coast and peninsula and toward santa cruz and monterey. little system trying to slice by but it's falling apart. the end result the wind will turn a little more northerly. not seeing it yet although sfo and santa rosa both reporting calm. i think things are beginning to set up. that means for the north bay hills, east bay hills fire danger. some of our forecast models are not in on this for the coast. more just saturday. west, southwest 16. southwest at travis. that is not a sea breeze yet but a little south, southeast at santa rosa. so 50 at napa. a little chill in the morning. a little cooler this morning. system that is moving in you can see the high pressure system billing in right there. that will come in like that and give us the northeast wind. mostly clear this morning
5:20 am
expect for the patchy fog. but then that high kicks in. again it will only be mainly on saturday. temperatures will warm up pretty fast. water temperatures unbelievablely cold. bodega bay 47. 49 degrees on the water temps. it doesn't take much to get the fog rolling. there is patchy fog for the u.s. open. but later on it will be really good. 60s and 70s and 80s or 90s. nice around the bay with 70s. but then tomorrow looks like a bigger warmup for everybody. today anywhere from 60s 090s. and look for windy and warmer weather. >> thank you, steve. european markets gaining ground in early trading. that is after reportings that central banks plan to work together. it also boosted asian markets overnight as they wrapped up
5:21 am
trading for the week. hong kong gained 2.25%. taiwan and new zealand gained close to 1%. checking in on our numbers futures indicate a higher opening across the board. no big huge moves. that follows a nice day by the close. dow jones up 155 points. nasdaq starts at 2836. facebook is taking legal action related to difficulties with the initial public offering last month. that is according to the wall street journal. the company plans to final a motion to consolidate all the shareholder offerings. facebook and nasdaq are not commenting. time now 5:21. throwing a curveball to the san jose giants. why the city may cut some of their funding. >> a good idea or selfish move. what some driver did to take cover during a hailstorm that has a lot of other people upset.
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>> northbound 101 san francisco looking good getting up to the 80 split. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. ♪ ♪ ♪
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it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet. patchy fog around. it's starting to get chewed up already. temperatures will warm up. mainly that fog san mateo and peninsula. >> see that. dozens of cars damaged in
5:25 am
dallas, texas. they were stuck on a freeway during this hailstorm. the backup was actually caused by other drivers that look they stopped under that overpass to protect their own cars. traffic came to a complete halt and that left a lot of drivers stuck out in the storm. >> you have insurance on your vehicle? pull to the side. don't make it dangerous for anybody else. >> we are talking about golf ball size hail. damaging the vehicles of the stranded cars. a lot of motorists they were angry but said they probably would have done the same thing. san francisco bicyclist accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian earlier this year has just a few more hours to turn himself in to authorities. 36-year-old chris seen in this video on youtube drew national attention after posting online comments that he is sorry he lost his helmet with the collision. he sped through several stop
5:26 am
signs before hitting wee. >> the tragedy that occurred here did not need to occur. it was predictable, it was avoidable. >> he is expected to be formerly charged early next week. if convicted he faces up to six years in prison. 5:25. richmond police arrested a man in connection with a fatal hit and run with a man in a wheelchair. 25-year-old daniel bar net is charged with felony vehicle manslaughter and felony hit and run. he struck and killed david cox at 34th street in september and then drove away. richmond police came across bar net during an unrelated under cover operation. the city of san jose is throwing a curve to its minor league baseball team. san jose giants have been playing at municipal stadium for years. major league stars like buster
5:27 am
posey and bumgarner played for this team in the past. the team is represented by a proxy group that is suing the city now to block san jose's effort to build a new stadium and bring in the oakland a's. we are following developing news for you. we are live in san jose. emergency crews right there are at the scene of a gas leak. this is outside of a san jose apartment complex. a live report is coming up. >> we are live in oakland where four undocumented youth are taking a stand against president obama in his campaign headquarters in oakland. we'll tell you why they are doing it. >> also we will check on bart service for you this morning. how bart plans to rebound after yesterday's shut down. >> good morning. traffic on the richmond bridge looks good. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right.
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good morning, to you welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. a day personally designed for pam cook. >> thank you. good morning, i am pam cook. we get up a little early. so saturdays are nice. >> yes, we do. thank you. we have patchy fog out there. and temperatures will start to warm up. a little cool this morning.
5:31 am
upper 40s and low 50s. the fog doesn't look like it will last too long. so 60s to 90s. here is sal. good morning. westbound 24 traffic is moving along pretty well if you drive over to the caldecott tunnel no major problem there is. and a look at the commute ear on 237 it's light. 5:30 let's go back to the desk. >> we are following developing news from san jose. emergency crews rush to a gas leak outside of an apartment complex. ktvu lorraine blanco is there. she is at bran ham lane east. >> reporter: you can see crews are working to turn off a gas line to that bottom town home you see behind me. you can also seize the crack in the wall where a van slammed into it. san jose fire tells us it hit a handful of meters at this town
5:32 am
home complex. pg&e was able to cap off the leak close to a quarter after 4:00 a.m. this morning. the driver is okay. one person inside the building was taken to the hospital. >> we did have one medical transport undetermined of what happened. they are evaluating him at the hospital right now. >> reporter: authorities say there are no other injuries. the bottom unit is the only unit that is still evacuated this morning. because of the extensive damages pg&e says they are unsure when the people who live in that bottom town home can return to their home. reporting live from san jose lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. we do have continuing coverage of the story we first reported on yesterday's morning news. right at 4:30. guards and firefighters spent the night at the sight last night. of course the intense fire
5:33 am
damaged nearby part tracks. the unfinished senior housing complex has been redding toed now. no one is ready. >> one of the areas that we look at is the complexity of the fire. the impact of property damage. >> federal arson investigators with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms are on stand by. the chronical reports a security guard noticed three suspicious people lurking near that building just minutes before it went up in flames. this is new video taken two hours ago near the west oakland bart station. you can see engineers are out inspecting the tracks before trains head out. they made sure there were no problems. now we want to show you this. all day bart crews rushed to
5:34 am
repair 400-foot long section in west oakland. trains ride on two green rails. the third rail which is shown in red powers the trains. the flames damage the insulator cap which serves as protection for the 1,000-volts of electricity that propel the train. right now undocumented students are occupying president obama's downtown oakland campaign office. ktvu tara moriarty is on telegraph avenue this morning with why the students refuse to leave. >> reporter: they say they want the president to issue an executive order to stop deporting illegal youth. they have occupied this office. when they first got into the building yesterday the campaign staff called police. although police have not arrested them, these immigrants are risking deportation because of this demonstration. their goal is to get youth to stop getting deported.
5:35 am
under the rigorous provision of the dream act qualified undocumented youth are allowed a six yearlong path. these protest however say the dream act is law. we definitely hope there could be an exmore. >> now you are looking at blown coo right now. now the person that owns this building hired a security company and they are not allowing the protestors to leave the building or let anyone inside. first campaign staffers wouldn't let them use the bathroom but now they are. similar protests are going on around the united states,
5:36 am
denver, ohio, and los angeles. they have posted these pictures of people that are at risk of being deported. they say they will not leave this office until president obama meets their demands. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty. it was a riot that made headlines around the world. now an independent panel has issued a scathing -- violent protest outside of city hall last october. that story is coming up at 5:45. three people are dead and another one is critically hurt just after a shooting on a campus in canada. the shooting was an apparent arm robbery of one or more armored vehicles. this happened just after midnight. police say no students are involved. police are searching for whoever is responsible. teachers, students, parents
5:37 am
and supporters will stage a sit- in. they are trying to reverse the closure of five schools. you are looking at i have owe from march. that is when ten people were arrested for a sit in at the board. they will than will keep all of open. paul was arrested inside his cheep p obtained power of earn for an olerly woman. he faces 12 felony counts. round two of the u.s. open will start in just about 90 minutes from now.
5:38 am
michael thompson. there is your leader. shot forforyou were if thompson say he ha a vantage because he arrived a week ago. >> i was fortunate i was able to come out -- spend three or four days with here if >> u.s. open officials say the first round was still a sellout despite the fact it took fans longer to get the to olympic club because of that shut down on bart yesterday. >> give you indication i never heard of an albatross. clearly i have not gotten one.
5:39 am
>> but you could have if you wanted to. >> i played golf with you, pam. i like your swing. it's pretty even. >> i look good everyone if it doesn't go right? >> sure. good morning, everybody. happy friday to you. bart is running normally. just in case you are wonnerring. they fixed it yesterday afternoon. let's go outside and take a look at westbound bay bridge. that traffic is backed up for only a small delay. and this mornings commute looks good on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. the traffic here is moving along nicely. if you are driving this morning on westbound 580 or westbound 80 a little slow coming out of the tracy area. 5:39 let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you, sir. a very happy friday. yesterday a little breeze. nice day. pam cook said it was lovely. yes, i agree with that. temperatures weren't too bad. they will start to warm up
5:40 am
today. we had 60s and 70s and 80s. looks like a quick warmup here. it will be later today into saturday. maybe holding on a little bit on sunday. it collapses. that was a big roller coaster ride. saturday will be the hottest day. waiting for that northerly breeze. not there yet. there is still a delta breeze. the key will be santa rosa. low 50s upper 40s. i saw outside of sonoma 46. that is a little chill in the morning. a little cool here. we will moderate that and burn the fog off. which is favoring the san mateo coast. that system coming in. you can see coming in behind that. right there will be the high pressure system. as low pressure settles toward southern california. high pressure to the north. 70s and 80s and 90s to a few low 100s. it will be a little fast.
5:41 am
sunny and warmer. patchy fog. breezy. looks like morning fog. very similar to what we had yesterday. temperatures really nice in the afternoon. so mid 60s. maybe a little warmer. 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s. 76 oakland. walnut creek 89. 89 morgan hill. santa clear a, san jose at 84 degrees. 83 redwood city. 70 in the city and 64 pacifica. windy, warmer with your weekend in view there. saturday will be the hottest day. probably a little cooler by the coast. and a cool down for all. 5:41. a scary situation this one involving a local family. a man accused of using his children to get to their mother in a violent confrontation. >> defense attorneys for jerry sandusky present their case next week. a look inside their strategy. >> good morning, traffic is moving along pretty well in san jose. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 we'll tell you more
5:42 am
straight ahead.
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5:44 am
good morning. some patchy fog. it's already starting to erode. temperatures will warm up as well. 60s to 90s. welcome back. here's a quick look at the top stories we are follows for you right now at 5:44. we have developing news from san jose. pg&e crews still repairing an overnight gag leak. this van crashed into gas meters at an apartment building just a couple hours ago. pg&e crews capped that leak a few hours later. but it may take several more hours to completely fix everything. luckily no one was hurt. >> good news bart service is normal. it's running on time this
5:45 am
morning. as we precaution engineers are checking the track. they wanted to make sure there are no lingering problems with yesterday's fire at a nearby construction site. it halts the service before. they will go back. the jerry sandusky molestation trial is in recess today. they will begin on monday. three more accusers testified yesterday. one told the court he was assaulted in sandusky's basement while sandusky's wife was upstairs. the accuser testified he screamed for help but thinks the room was soundproof.
5:46 am
the victims maintained a relationship. >> in terms of the relationship being one that is very emotionally and complicated. >> defense lawyers will begin presenting their case next week. their a couple is facing felony child abuse charges following a horrifying discovery at a shopping mall in kansas. they are accused of leftwing of their children tied up, gagged, and blindfolded outside a walmart store. five-year-old boy and seven- year-old girl were terribly upset but were not hurt. the two children are in protective custody along with their three siblings. 5:46 this morning. a man is in custody after a dramatic confrontation with his
5:47 am
estranged wife. early yesterday 25-year-old jose rojo showed up at a strip mall. he was tried to break down a door a the a locked insurance >> just say if you want to see your -- >> he ran the buildings door and then took off. an amber alert was issued after that until yesterday evening when rojo's brother returned the children to her mother. shortly after that he surrounderred to police at a nearby hotel. after an economic show down with republican presidential candidate mitt romney president obama enjoyed a night among celebrities. it began with a visit to ground zero where the president signed a steel beam that will be added to the new world trade center. and then he and the first lady
5:48 am
headed to jessica parker's home. physical low a. the are occupy the farm protest was a very expense i demonstration. uc borkly a mt.s to -- the university will try to recoop those losses ares. independent commission as skeeing report. now the panel has been investigating the night of october 25th and the riot that caught international attention. the commission found they were
5:49 am
under staffed and unprepared to confront the rowdy demonstrators. this report is the latest blow to the oakland police department which is trouble. oakland's police chief says he's already started taking action on three-fourths of the recommendations that were outlined in that report. we have posted the entire report on our channel 2 website just go to, click on the hot topics section. a lot of good things on that hot topic section. 5:49 is the time. let's go back to sal. >> things are doing pretty well around the bay area. so far starting off quiet which is nice. lets take a look at what we have 237 westbound looks nice. crossing 880. going to stay that way all the way out to 101. also interstate 880 we had earlier road work near high street. that has been picked up and the traffic is moving along nicely. if you are driving on 680 from danville to pleasanton.
5:50 am
southbound traffic looks good. westbound 580 moves well. now let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you, sir. a very good morning. happy friday everyone. it looks like a pretty good warmup. nice yesterday. temperatures settled in. seasonal normals. they will warm up tea. still dealing with a little bit of fog. the big news continues to be a north wind developing. it's already in the valley. so for the north and east bay fire hills. gust could be over 40. some of the higher elevations will go down. everything is in place for the fire danger to go up. it will be a quick warmup. it looks like friday, saturday, and parts of sunday and right back down. i have mentioned this a couple times the water temperatures outside from bodega bay to monterey are 47-49 degrees. the fog has no problems forming. especially since you get heat in the valley. the wind will be turning north,
5:51 am
northeast. there is a big old dome of high pressure. today partly to mostly sunny. even with some of that fog for the morning hours. i think it gets chewed up pretty fast. we are waiting for that northeast wind. not here yet. it's just north and east of us. tomorrow looks to be the hottest day with a few locations inland. a lot more mid to upper 90s. sunny and warmer today. 60s a en70s -- 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s. it looks really good over the weekend for the u.s. open. today we start off with fog but it will be sunny and a high of 66. windy and warmer on saturday. about the same inland on sunday. but then a big drop. we could see a 10-degree drop. coca-cola plans to start selling its products in moe mar. they will start doing business there as soon as the u.s. government issues a license. there are only two other
5:52 am
country where is coke does not do business cuba, and north korea. sales fell 28% in may. it's the sixth month in a row they have seen sales fall. today one of apples 200 computers goes up for auction. only the mother board was considered the computer in 1976 but it does include an operating manual. i can only imagine what that was like. if you really want to see it, now you can. how getting a glimpse of the new super campus will be easier than you think. >> we are hours away from a death defying walk that has never been done before.
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[ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. look at this. the coast guard rescued a stranded kite surfer in frank. he flew into trouble there late yesterday afternoon. the coast guard and san francisco fire boat they both responded. the man was quickly pulled into the fire boat. did not need medical attention. lucky him. tonight a seventh generation circus performer
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known around the world will walk a tight rope across niagara falls. he is one of the flying wolindas. he says he's been getting ready for this since he was six years old. he will start the walk in the u.s. side and walk 1800 feet and then end up on the canada side 30 minutes later. the tight ropes are roughly the size of your wrist and this is 20 stories up. for the first time he will be attached to the wire so people don't see him fall, if that happens. the company submitted floor plans to the city of cupertino that are posted online so you can take a look. it shows an outline for a parking garage that can accommodate up to 4,000 cars. there is floor plans for a corporate auditorium, and energy plant. expect to see more bikes on
5:57 am
bart later this summer. during august bart will allow cyclist to bring their bikes on board trains. bikes still won't be allowed in the first car. they will see how things are going and they could ban it. glum we are looking pretty good so far. so does northbound -- 680 looks good. now back to you. searching for answers in west oakland after yesterday's huge fire knocked out bart service across the bay. how part of the focus is on suspicious men outside the building though it's under construction. just before it burst into flames. >> we are live.
5:58 am
>> temperatures will start to warm up tea. how much? we'll have the forecasted highs coming up.
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good morning. a natural